The Mentalist

Price: R700.00

Size: Medium

A Mentalist - Someone who believes that some mental phenomena cannot be explained by physical laws (i.e. telepathy and mind reading). According to the urban dictionary anyway :)

This lamp is unique, cool, and edgy. It has a classic, modern industrial look, and has been meticulously handmade.

The lamp shade has been made from a recycled aluminium lamp ceiling lamp. The frame has been made from recycled skirting boards.

The base is made from concrete mixed with a black oxide cement dye, which gives it a cool trendy look.. kinda like wearing a cool pair of black sneakers! 

The cord is 1.5 meters of lovely navy blue fabric cable, and the bulb is an energy efficient 5 watt warm white LED globe. 

Size: Medium

Height: approx. 45 cm

*picture not included.